We Are One U: Los Angeles

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It was wonderful to see many of you at the We Are One U event in Los Angeles on December 8th. President Frenk received an incredible welcome from the UM alumni community, and we are so grateful that so many of you were there!

President Julio Frenk

President Julio Frenk

A New Vision for a New Century and Beyond President Frenk shared perspectives on the future of higher education and called on the University of Miami community to pursue a bold collective vision. "The University of Miami can increase its role as a magnet for talent," he said. "We must attract and retain people who stand out in the classroom, in the research lab, at the hospital bedside, and on the playing field." He outlined the groundbreaking ideas that have emerged from University stakeholders during his first year to guide UM's growth. Read more about the Roadmap for Our New Century.

Amishi Jha

’Cane Talk: Leading with Attention: Optimizing Your Performance with Mindfulness

In today's dynamic environment, successful leaders must be attentive, adaptive, and agile. Navigating these demands can be stressful, particularly in high-pressure situations. The emerging field of contemplative neuroscience has shown that mindfulness training can bolster attention, decision-making, and mood in high-performance leaders. Amishi Jha, neuroscientist and associate professor of psychology, works with military generals, federal judges, and tech company leaders to research how we can optimize our best assets for success - our capacity to pay attention. We hope you hope you enjoyed hearing from one of the field's pioneers about the cutting-edge brain science of attention and mindfulness. 

An Amazing Network of New Faces, Old Friends

And of course 'Canes had a great time! See the photos of the crowd and check out the conversations on social media. To get involved with the Los Angeles 'Canes, visit their club page. Take advantage of the amazing alumni network in your area!

Thank you for the amazing support you give to the University of Miami!