We Are One U: Atlanta

atlanta event atlanta event
It was wonderful to see you at the We Are One U event in Atlanta on April 5, 2017. President Frenk received an incredible welcome from the UM alumni community, and we are so grateful that you were there despite the weather.


President Frenk: A New Vision for a New Century and Beyond
President Frenk shared perspectives on the future of higher education and called on the University of Miami community to pursue a bold collective vision. "The University of Miami can increase its role as a magnet for talent," he said. "We must attract and retain people who stand out in the classroom, in the research lab, at the hospital bedside, and on the playing field." He outlined the groundbreaking ideas that have emerged from University stakeholders during his first year to guide UM's growth. Read more about the Roadmap for Our New Century. 
'Anita CavaCane Talk: May I Borrow Your Glasses? My Reputation Depends on It

Anita Cava is a professor of business law and director of the Business Ethics Program at the University of Miami. She has written extensively about ethics in health care and clinical settings and the legal and ethical obligations of corporations. Cava has created numerous University programs to extend research and dialogue about ethics across disciplines and areas of professional practice.

Endless news headlines highlight the ways the drive for profits and the pace of change can lead organizations to put people at risk. How can we avoid that? How can busy executives - indeed, all of us - see more clearly when faced with hard decisions? University of Miami Business Professor Anita Cava gave a short 'Cane Talk on the ethics of decision making.

An Amazing Network of New Faces, Old Friends

And of course 'Canes had a great time! See the photos of the crowd and check out the conversation on social media. To get involved with the Atlanta 'Canes, visit their club page. Take advantage of the amazing alumni network in your area! 

Thank you for the amazing support you give to the University of Miami!