We Are One U: Fort Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale event Ft Lauderdale event
It was wonderful to see so many Broward County 'Canes at our recent We Are One U event in Fort Lauderdale on October 18th. The welcome that President Frenk received from the University of Miami alumni community was incredible, and we are so grateful that more than 200 of you were there!
President Julio Frenk
President Julio Frenk

President Frenk shared perspectives on the future of higher education and called on the University of Miami community to pursue a bold collective vision. "The University of Miami can increase its role as a magnet for talent," he said. "We must attract and retain people who stand out in the classroom, in the research lab, at the hospital bedside, and on the playing field." He outlined the groundbreaking ideas that have emerged from University stakeholders during his first year to guide UM's growth. Read more about the Roadmap for Our New Century.

sonia-headshot-circle.JPG’Cane Talk: Building Resilient Neighborhoods in South Florida and Beyond

Many of South Florida’s most historic and architecturally significant buildings are vulnerable to flooding and sea level rise. Residents and business owners worry about how best to protect their homes and buildings. City planners want to know how to preserve vibrant neighborhoods in coastal communities, and elected officials seek sustainable approaches to guide future growth. The Center for Urban and Community Design at the University of Miami’s School of Architecture is on the front lines responding to the urgent needs of South Florida by collecting data on housing stock, creating guides for residents to explain options for protecting their homes, and working with cities and national foundations to develop new standards and guidelines for preserving South Florida’s architectural history.  

Sonia Chao is the Director of the Center for Urban & Community Design at the University of Miami’s School of Architecture where she also serves as a Research Associate Professor. Professor Chao is known for her work on resilient architecture and sustainable design in South Florida and throughout the Caribbean basin. 

An Amazing Network of New Faces, Old Friends

And of course 'Canes had a great time! See the photos of the crowd and check out the conversations on social media #WeAreOneU. To get involved with the Broward County 'Canes, visit their club page. Take advantage of the amazing alumni network in your area! 

Thank you for the amazing support you give to the University of Miami! 

We Are One U.