We Are One U: Palm Beach

West Palm beach event West Palm beach event
It was wonderful to see so many Palm Beach County 'Canes at our recent We Are One U event in Palm Beach on January 18th. The welcome that President Frenk received from the University of Miami alumni community was incredible, and we are so grateful that so many of you were there!
President Julio Frenk
President Frenk

President Frenk shared perspectives on the future of higher education and called on the University of Miami community to pursue a bold collective vision. "The University of Miami can increase its role as a magnet for talent," he said. "We must attract and retain people who stand out in the classroom, in the research lab, at the hospital bedside, and on the playing field." He outlined the groundbreaking ideas that have emerged from University stakeholders during his first year to guide UM's growth. Read more about the Roadmap for Our New Century.

Joe Uscinski'Cane Talk: Opinion, Information, and Democracy: What We Believe and How It Will Shape Our Future

 A healthy democracy requires citizens to make choices based on accurate information. But with the rise of social media, people across the political spectrum have retreated inside polarized echo chambers. Many others are unsure whether the news they see is even true. How can we make informed political choices in a new era of fake news and conspiracies? What can we do to ensure that facts guide the choices we make for our future? University of Miami Political Scientist Joseph Uscinski spoke about his recent campaign season and how we make political choices.

Uscinski is associate professor of political science at the University of Miami and author of the recent Oxford bestselling book American Conspiracy Theories. Professor Uscinski’s research on contemporary politics, the media, and conspiracies has appeared in dozens of scholarly journals, and he is frequently called upon to provide perspectives in the national media, including Newsweek, The Washington Post, and Politico. He is presently working on two new books and collaborating with a team of scholars from throughout Europe.

An Amazing Network of New Faces, Old Friends

And of course 'Canes had a great time! See the photos of the crowd and check out the conversations on social media. To get involved with the Palm Beach County 'Canes, visit their club page. Take advantage of the amazing alumni network in your area! 

Thank you for the amazing support you give to the University of Miami!