Amishi Jha 'Cane Talk

Jha studies how the brain pays attention and the effects of mindfulness training on cognition, emotion, and resilience.

’Cane Talk: Leading with Attention: Optimizing Your Performance with Mindfulness

In today's dynamic environment, successful leaders must be attentive, adaptive, and agile. Navigating these demands can be stressful, particularly in high-pressure situations. Jha talks about her work in the video below.

Amishi Jha gave another 'Cane Talk on January, 29 2016

Training the Brain to Be More Attentive: How Elite Athletes, Military Personnel, and Others Perform Better Under Stress

Attention is necessary for everything we do—from learning, to making decisions, to regulating our mood. Yet our capacity to pay attention is limited when we are under stress. Amishi Jha, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, works with elite athletes, firefighters, active duty military personnel, accountants, and others in high-stress careers to better understand how we can do our best even in the most demanding and challenging situations. Learn what cutting-edge research is revealing about how you can protect your brain from stress and train yourself to pay attention using mindfulness.